Supposably you have already bought Lympha Press Optimal Plus or are just about to do so. This purchase may be for you or for your loved one who lives with Lymphedema. In any case, we will try to tell you more about this pump.

The Lympha Press® Optimal Plus is the flagship compression pump made by an Israel Mego Afek manufacturer of high-tech medical equipment for people diagnosed with Lymphoedema and Lipoedema, also known as pneumatic compression device that stimulate the movement of fluid in the body. 

The Lympha Press® Optimal Plus consist of two main parts:

  1. The console, responsible for providing pressurized air to the garment
  2. The hoses, facilitating the transfer of air from the console to individual chambers of the garment

The Optimal Plus provides users with four therapy modes to choose from:

  • Sequential Mode: In this mode, the chambers inflate one by one, creating a gentle wave of pressure that starts from the base of the limb and moves towards the torso.
  • Peristaltic or “Wave” Therapy: As an alternative to sequential mode, the peristaltic or “wave” mode inflates three chambers at a time, gradually progressing up the limb.
  • Pre-Therapy: This mode is designed based on the principles of manual lymph drainage. It focuses on decongesting the proximal areas of the body, preparing them to receive the lymphatic fluid that will be mobilized during the main treatment cycle.
  • Post-Therapy: After the main treatment is completed, this mode offers focused therapy to a specific area. It is then followed by wave mode applied over the entire garment, ensuring comprehensive treatment.

The most advanced technologies have been used in this device. But the more technologically advanced the device, the more difficult it is to use. But this rule becomes an exception when it comes to Lympha Press® Optimal Plus.

Connecting this pump is very simple, but setting it up can take some time and may require some skill. The developer company made sure that using this device was as simple and convenient as possible. And for this, Mego Afek has developed a mobile application for smartphones (it does not matter if you have iPhone or Android) so that you can launch and manage the treatment process with one touch of the phone screen.

You can find out more about the Lympha Press® Mobile Application following this link.

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