Lympha Press® 4 Chamber Arm Sleeve

Upper body therapy that’s easy to live with. This garment simplifies treatment for postmastectomy lymphoedema, providing effective therapy for arm and shoulder lymphedema.

  • Lympha Press® 4 Arm sleeve, treats entire arm and shoulder .
  • The four overlapping chambers make treatment comfortable and easy.
  • Our special design molds the garment to the limb as it fills with air.

Sizing guide

The Lympha Press® 4 Chamber Arm Sleeve has one size. Dimensions in centimeters.

Key features

  • Upper extremity therapy. Treats entire arm, from hand to shoulders.

  • Use on right or left side.

  • 4 overlapping chambers. Patented overlapping chambers facilitate smooth and effective therapy.

  • Easy to clean. Durable wipe-and-go surface makes for easy cleaning.

Lympha Press® 4 Chamber Arm Sleeve

Pumps Compatibility

The PCD-51™ analog pump is a compact, user-friendly, sequential system with adjustable pressure and time designed for quality home treatment. Utilizing Lympha Press® Smart Technology™, the PCD-51™ is capable of treating two limbs simultaneously.

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